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New Website Design Trends That Can Help Your Business

Mobile First

Designers and developers are increasingly creating sites that focus on mobile devices, as this is where the bulk of their income comes from. It is essential that web designers and developers have previous experience with designing apps in order to guarantee good UX for smaller screen sizes. This can help them develop a mobile-friendly website which requires special care due to its tiny dimensions.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

May flowers are awaited by April showers. This is why we’re experiencing rounded corners and more vibrant hues on web pages. Backgrounds have evolved from using 90deg angles for design elements , such as avatars on profiles or form input. Now you can use unique angles to keep your customers interested. It is essential to ensure that your website conforms to the latest fashions. This can help to establish trust between your potential customers and you.

More Animations and Interactions

jQuery and other web technologies have made animated websites more popular. These scripts let you create a website that is more than just a way to read printed texts. They also allow interaction between the user (and pages) which was previously restricted by the capabilities of images.

Web sites are becoming more and more interactive. Your website can be made more interactive by using page transitions, sliding information panels, or even simple animations. This is an excellent way to bring life to your site without having to stick to the outdated 1990s style. The enhanced interactivity that comes from methods like these can help drive users to more revenue-generating functions on a site that could lead you to have an improved per-visit value (RPV).


Businesses are increasingly using the HTML5 video tag to secure their websites and keep them operating. The rise in platforms for hosting videos (including streaming) has made more businesses decide that they can handle this kind of thing better than they did before, using other technologies , such as YouTube or any other third-party provider that could cease to function at any time so using tags like these allows for a company’s videos to be seamlessly integrated on its website while offering a greater selection of player options.

Video Backgrounds

Due to the increasing popularity of videos as backgrounds, you can use these backgrounds to your advantage. This will improve the level of engagement with your customers. They can improve conversion rates by offering more information than conventional images. In addition, they are simpler to read for those who may not be able to read texts.

Backgrounds in video are a great way to increase brand recognition and increase return visits. It’s been proven generally, and also for specific kinds of backgrounds like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that assist you in expanding your business by increasing the time spent on-site while also boosting customer engagement levels.

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