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How To Shop for A Bong, According To An Expert

The bong you purchase should be one that can provide you with a pleasant smoking experience. However, this is not always easy when considering all the different kinds and considerations to make when selecting one that fits your requirements best! This guide is designed for novices and experienced smokers. We’ve put together some information on how certain characteristics affect the enjoyment of beginners and also provide more intense hits from their favourite sessions, without having to spend a lot of sums on loose leaf bowls or. tight buds.

The material that the bong is made of

You can choose between plastic or metal. These materials have different prices and durability, dependent on what kind of smoking you prefer. Glass is cheaper but can be more difficult to use. If safety is the most important thing when smoking marijuana, then go with the actual combination of glass and rock.

The bong’s design

You can buy a variety of different bongs to fit your requirements and preferences. You can pick from straight tube, beaker-shaped or multi-chamber designs. Straightest designs are ideal for those looking for simple and reliable while taking high-quality doses that come from every aspect of marijuana. That includes health-promoting cannabinoids that are found only within these plants.

What amount of money you’re willing to shell out for the bong

Bongs can be found in all shapes and sizes. Some are as basic or complex looking. Ceramic bongs can be more costly than other bongs due to the fact that they’re constructed with care and care. The colors used in the design were carefully considered. It has also been polished to guarantee its smoothness. You don’t need to worry about spending a lot if you’re considering bongs made of plastic. These affordable options not only give smokers the desired effect , but they are also attractive.

You’ll need herbs

The type and quantity of herbs that are in the bong will determine the type of bong to use. If your bowl is for dry weeds then be sure you buy one that is set up with one; but if concentrates are more your style (and who wouldn’t? ), go ahead and buy this nail-shaped nail holder that looks amazing!


A bong that is over expensive could result in more damage than it is supposed to. Due to their durability and quality of smoke, glass bongs are the most reliable. However, they can easily be broken if you take them with you.

Your experience with smoking

The beginner should consider getting one that’s gravity-based because it is easy to use and delivers powerful strikes. For people who are only beginning to experiment with marijuana, beaker or straight tubes could be a good choice.

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