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Everything You Need To Know About Windows Server Essentials

Microsoft has created a brand new server software that’s specifically designed for small-sized companies that have only limited IT requirements. The new application, Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2, is made for small-sized businesses that have limited IT needs. It offers centralized device management tools, which is accessible from any location via the Web Browser or mobile app.

Microsoft Server Essentials is a great option for businesses that have less than 25 employees. It’s simple to set it up and manage, doesn’t have any unnecessary features (like enterprise-level software), but it also comes with lower prices so that you don’t require additional tools for small-scale businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at Windows Server Essentials and how it can be used for your business.

1. What are Windows Server Essentials and how can they be used?

Windows Server Essentials is the latest Microsoft product that targets the small-business market. It is designed with an intuitive interface, this solution demonstrates their commitment to serving that sector of our economy by providing products that are simple for end users without any experience in IT or understanding about the way computers function within.

2. Easy Setup

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials makes setting up easy. The guide to setup guides users through a sequence of steps, and gives specific explanations to help them to understand every step.

3. Easy Management

The Windows Server Essentials makes it easy to manage servers within our company for those who are not IT professionals. The dashboard is organized and simple to make use of, making it simple to monitor what’s happening.

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What can you do with Microsoft Server Essentials?

Windows Server Essentials offer a range of functions that are extremely useful and simple to use. They include:

1. Shared Folders

Windows Server Essentials makes file sharing within shared folders a core element of server technology. This product is essential for every business and is available after Windows Server Essentials is installed.

2. Users and Groups

Users and groups are the tools you can use to accomplish this. The permissions system allows people within your company share files with each other however only when they are granted permission by their department head or administrator.

3. Integration with Hosted Services and Apps

Microsoft’s recent shift to cloud computing makes it simpler than ever to host Office 365 and Windows Azure versions for companies of any size. This is achieved through an intuitive dashboard, where users can select which services they need without having to have any technical knowledge.

4. Storage

This handy feature allows you to easily manage your server storage by allowing it to be managed as a group instead of individual drives. This simplifies the whole process and makes it easier for Windows Server Essentials Users who want to be able access their data from any device they want to access.

5. Remote Access

Allowing your employees to work from anywhere is now easier than ever before using remote access. This Windows Server Essentials package includes a simple process for creating an encrypted connection that can be used any device, regardless of whether it’s mobile or not.


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